I am not a football fan. The last thing i’d want to do is sit down and watch a boring game of football. I mean why call it “Foot”ball? The only times you use your feet in that game is kicking off and field goals! (I don’t know much about this sport so don’t blame me because I’m probably wrong) Why not call it Handball, or pointy oval ball?  Well whatever, point is that I don’t like any of the teams and that I deeply dislike the game so I rarely watch football.

Well yesterday the biggest day in football happened, The Superbowl. I only watch the commercials and ignore the rest of the game. Some commercials really caught my eye yesterday. So at dinner our family rated the top three,  Here they are…

These ads are my favorite because, well JUST WATCH ‘EM!!!





Dott’s snow day

Before I talk about my amazing snow day I must once again, apologize to my regular readers. My lazy ass can’t handle posting this much. My last post was January 6. Now It’s January 28.  I keep kicking myself to do more blog posts, but it’s so DIFFICULT!! I am making my new goal at least 1 post a week. My average should be about 3 posts a week. Weeks will be Monday through Sunday. okay since that’s done with, time to talk about my first 2009 first snowfall!

Most winters where I live are kind of mild. We get snow but very little a year, so our school system freaks out when we get more that 1 inch of this frozen precipitation. Today all of us kids got a free day from school for snowy weather and then tomorrow we are out too for Icy streets. SCORE!!!!

Today was pretty lazy. Here was my fabulous schedule…

1. Woke up knowing about no school.

2. stayed up texting friends since 6:00am [couldn’t go back to sleep=( ]

3. chores

4. went to neighborhood friend’s house to have snow ball fight.

5. Made a kick ass snowman with siblings.

6. went back to same neighborhood friend’s house to sled.

7. went home to be lazy and write this post. (most of day spent)



This is our nameless snowman that I mentioned in #5. He needs a name that will fit him. If anyone has an idea on his name, let me know in a comment. If I like that name I’ll ask my family if we could use it for him. If your name Idea is approved I’ll tell you in a comment to this post.

Not named snowman’s appearance: Eyes= cherry tomatoes, Nose= celery, Hawaiian necklace, “happy hat”, and a rake. I know this seems totally random but please try to pick a cute name! thankies!!!

Strep luvs me:(

Well in the last post I did, it told you that I felt sick during the quinceanera. Well, yesterday we got it checked out by my Dr. and it’s strep throat. Again. The positive of this scenario is that I have two extra days of winter break! Negatives are that I feel Crappy, Every time I eat or gulp I’m in pain, Temperature in me changes rapidly, and I’m bored out of my f*ckin mind!  Not Even the two extra days of break can cheer me up!!!

The sad thing about me having strep is that I always get it, Like every month! Every time I stay out of school for a disease, I have strep. I’m a Streptococcus Magnet. It annoys me, and I think my mother, to no end. She might have posted this on her blog but I’ll state it anyway. When Tall T was my age, she had nonstop Strep throat, worse than me. Ivestory might remember mom when she was like that. She needed her tonsils out so that it would go away. We belive that I inherited the strep magnitism from her. I’m the only kid that got it 😦

When strep luvs you, it stinks. That’s why I’m writing this post during school hours.

This stuff is probably in my throat now

This stuff is probably in my throat now


Yesterday I was at a quinceanera for my friend, lockoneyes. A quinceanera is a Latin tradition that is celebrated when a girl turns fifteen. The whole thing is to tell men that she is ready to date. If you don’t understand, you can google it. But anyways, Lockoneyes turned fifteen yesterday and my sister and I were invited to this.

The Invitation was so funny because it had so many misspelled words on it, and there was a Japanese girl in a kimono on the front when it was a formal spainish gathering. Our whole family was allowed to join in, but mom felt uncomfortable being  one of the last adults, so they left and ate out without us.

Everybody under friends in my awesomeness nicknames page and more were there. Twin A and Twin C were overly dressed as if they were bridesmaids with too much make up… Baby girl and I kept it formal, but not overly. I wore a red shirt with nice black pants with NO make-up. Baby girl wore a blue and white short sleeve dress with fancy light jacket over top.

All of us waited for Lockoneyes, apparently it can’t start unless everybody invited was there, so we waited forever until they just said screw it and stared anyways. My friend who obsesses over guitar hero escorted her into the quinceanera. It was hilarious to think of them as a couple! Hyper and I caught up and talked to each other like she never left. I hope she moves back and goes to our school…

Everything was formal and elegant, and then it turned into a rap party….Wierd. well I got insanely sick afterwards and I’m still sick now. I’m beyond bored and sweating terribly. At the begining of writing this post I felt like my blood was frozen!

This pic was taken by mom, lockoneyes and Hyper didn't arive yet when this was took. I'm in between the twins and bi guy is on the far left.

This pic was taken by mom, lockoneyes and Hyper didn't arive yet when this was took. I'm in between the twins and bi guy is on the far left.

All my christmas stuff…

I have had a wonderful holiday break. There was lots of fun and effort put into this years Christmas. School has been out, which definitely lightened my mood. School will start on the third of January. I can’t wait! <- sarcasm. We have a test from Mrs. Evil on the first day we get back. It’s BEYOND mean…. we were supposed to be messing our brains up studying all break. Complaining about my science teacher isn’t what I was wrote this post for. I’m putting a list of all my gifts I got this Christmas.

Grandma T: Socks, Sweater, Money

Uncle Levi: Nail Filing stuff

Daddy L: Earings, Binoculars??, and a bracelet

Grandma S: Kings dominion passes, clothes, a robe, slippers, socks, sweet smelling stuff, I think there might be more….

Tall T and Cat Juggler: Sansa Mp3, Peace jacket, Barb Wire bunniez shirt, green under shirt, socks,

Babygirl: Nail polishes

Mr.Athletic: Punk kit

I got ALOT of socks this year… my dog chewed up my old ones, and they all dont have matches. hmmm, I wonder why I got so many….

New years resolution…

I am truly sorry for not posting alot. Responsibility scares me. I had to try really hard to even click to this page in my bookmarks.

My new years resolution for wordpress is that I post at least 4 posts a week, and that I comment on other blogs, even though I’m not great at commenting. 2009, I hope, will be a great year when it comes to blogging. Happy New Year My internetty friends!!    YAY 2009!

-Dott (0r Ms. Artistic)

YAY 2009!!

YAY 2009!!

101 ways to annoy the cullens

OK Twilight geeks, like me. After searching the youtube for hours, I have found something awesome. 101 ways to annoy the Cullens. If you have no clue who the hell they are, don’t watch. I personally love reason 33. I’m a Cullens fanatic but this is far too funny……

Beware, horrible spelling and very very long